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Sasha the Producer

New Production

Empress Lady Queen2a.png
"The Empress, The Lady, and the Queen"

Produced by Sasha Daltonn, founder and President of Sasha Daltonn  Entertainment

A portrait in the music of three legendary vocalists who shaped the styles of blues and jazz.   A very entertaining concert that takes a different turn by presenting the pivotal moments in the lives and careers of each artist. 

Bessie Smith, the Empress of the Blues;  Billie Holiday, the Lady; and the Queen, Dinah Washington made major contributions to classic blues and modern jazz that continue to inspire and influence hip hop, R&B, blues, and modern jazz artists today.

From Tent Shows to the Regal Theater to Carnegie Hall, the music is exciting, the vocalists are phenomenal and  the concert takes the audience on a journey through timeless music with a new generation of performers connecting the sounds of the past and present.

Empress Lady Queen

Other Shows Conceived and Written by Sasha

Sasha’s love for the theater included her spectacular performances in front of the curtain and her diligent work and creativity behind the curtain. Under the direction of Ben White, Sasha wrote and choreographed ” Running with the 8 ball.” She brought together some of Chicago’s finest talent to perform in the remarkable educational show about well-known, successful people who were graduates of Chicago public schools as positive role models to encourage our youth to continue their education... MORE
8 ball3.png
“Running With the 8 Ball”

This educational, entertaining musical production encourages and stresses the importance of an education. "Running With the 8 Ball is a power packed production that weaves in the “stay in school” message in a humorous, thought provoking style. The production dramatically illustrating the success of those who have pursued the educational route and encourages our young people to follow in that path.

By comparing the “game” of life to the game of pool, Daltonn creatively and dramatically demonstrates that:

  • In the game of pool, the 8 ball is the challenge ball. Losing can be as simple as calling the wrong pocket or no pocket..

  • In the “game of life, our challenges are compared to and often referred to as “8 Balls”.

  • It is you choice to make the right decisions and not be behind the 8 ball. Instead, consider each challenge as an opportunity to grow, learn and achieve success, or Run With the 8 Ball”!

Runnin’ With the 8 Ball underscores the full range of possibilities and options that having an education opens.

Needless to say, the show met with phenomenal success. Teachers and students alike wrote to tell Sasha of the impact the show made on their lives. She says, “It was especially heartwarming to hear from students who had come this close to dropping out, until they saw the play."

8 Ball
Founder: The Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Great events like the Chicago Gospel Music Festival don’t come out of nowhere and last nearly thirty-five years. They had to start somewhere, by someone – and this event certainly did.
The somewhere it started was at the South Shore Cultural Center. Back then its name was the South Shore Country Club. The "who” behind this nationally-acclaimed event is Chicago’s one and only Sasha Daltonn.
In her soon-to-be released book, Chicago's Gospel Music Festival: The Untold Story, Unplugged'- How A Jazz Singer Founded the World’s Largest Gospel Festival! Sasha recalls how she convinced Mayor Harold Washington to allow her to produce a Gospel Festival to honor the father of gospel music, Professor Thomas Dorsey.
Every year, thousands of gospel music lovers gather in Grant Park for Chicago’s Gospel Music Festival. Gospel greats have graced the stage. Names like Shirley Ceasar, and Albertina Walker are among many, many others have kept the crowds on their feet, swaying to the music. Stars were born at Chicago’s Gospel Music Festival, like a brother and sister act called BeBe and CeCe Winans.
4th Annual Gospel Festival2
Fifth Annual Chicago Gospel   Festival
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