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Sasha the Author

In her book, “Chicago's Gospel Music Festival: The Untold Story, Unplugged'- How A Jazz Singer Founded the World’s Largest Gospel Festival!”, Sasha recalls how she convinced Mayor Harold Washington to allow her to produce a Gospel MusicFestival to honor the father of gospel music, Professor Thomas Dorsey. It was originally presented at the South Shore County Club (now South Shore Cultural Center). In its third year, it moved to Grant Park and was renamed The Chicago Gospel Festival and became recognized as the largest free gospel festival in the world!
During Sasha's 5-year tenure as producer, the festival attracted hundreds of thousands of music lovers. How popular has the Festival become? In the 3rd year, 60,000 people remained in a rain storm. The 5th year attracted a crowd of 125,000 for 2 days-in the rain. In 2020 the festival celebrates 35 years.
Was writing the book an unexpected command from God, Himself?

Chicago's Gospel Music Festival" is Historical - and paints a vivid and often humorous story about the founding of the world's largest free outdoor gospel festival and the impact it had on gospel music.

Founded by a jazz singer determined to resume her career in New York.. and never did!!!

Chicago Tribune critique Flynn Roberts referred to us as: “A little show has come to town …tucked between the Blues Festival and Taste of Chicago, that draws tens of thousands of people and is the largest one of its kind in the world.” 

"A great read full of important history."

- Julieanna Richardson,

Founder, The History Makers

"What Sasha has written gives the readers an insider's, behind-the-scenes look at the Harold Washington campaign and the inception of Chicago's Gospel Festival.  Kudos Sasha!"

- Timuel D. BlackAmerican historian, educator, author, civil rights activist, and expert in African American history in Chicago


"Sasha Daltonn lit the torch of gospel music in Chicago when she brought gospel music to Grant Park. The Chicago Gospel Festival set the town on fire!!"

- Clifton Davis, Actor, singer, songwriter, minister, and author

​       A  MUST READ!!!

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